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December 16, 2005

Watermelon T-Shirt


Not at all seedy.

Tie–dye; 100% cotton.


Now that's what I call some serious cleavage.

$24.99 here.

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Living in Atlanta (metro area, that is), I come from the LAND of watermelons, and this shirt is perfect for someone like me who gets black seeds stuck all over her face and watermelon juice in her hair and big dribble stains all over her shirt. You could never accuse me of not enjoying my food - as both source of nutrition and performance art.

This gives me an idea for introducing a line of "Eatin' Shirts" - T shirts with big-sized close-up shots of your favorite messy foods on the front so the chow drool will just blend right in.

Or, I could open a charm school.

Posted by: Flutist | Dec 17, 2005 1:34:03 AM

Cheery summery even in the wintry.

Posted by: Mb | Dec 16, 2005 9:02:08 PM

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