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January 22, 2006

3–D Cutting Board


Synchronicity surfaces in the kitchen space.

Now come cutting boards with lips at the front and back to quietly improve function.

The 1" front overhang holds the board in place while you slice, dice and julienne.

The 1" high raised back keeps your sliced, diced and julienned vegetables on the board and off the counter.

So simple, so obvious, yet so not 20th–century 'cause I haven't seen these until recent months.

The one above is made of hand–sanded beechwood, measures 24"W x 18"D and costs $49.99 here.

The one below moves up in class.


First of all, it's made by John Boos, known for high–end woodwork.

Second, it's made of maple, not beechwood.

Third, it's reversible: flip the board and you've got a working surface with a deeply–routed perimeter groove to capture juices and let your sauce sing.

23"W x 17"D, it costs $139.99 here.

Note that the lips enable both boards to allow air to circulate over both surfaces when not in use.

Can your cuttting board do that?*

*In the horizontal position; I stand mine on its side and lean it against a wall so this isn't an issue for me but never let it be assumed that I don't consider that everyone doesn't, usually for a multitude of very good reasons, do things my way.

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Hi Joe
First off, you run a great blog, I don't start work in the morning until I've read it. Finally I've found something to comment on that's dear to my heart - the lipped chopping board.
I don't know why you'd spend over $100, or even $50 on one when you can get down to your local Ikea and pick up a Lamplig for $9.99 (or do what I did and buy 3).
I don't know if the link will work but here goes:

It's a little smaller (about an inch) than the two you mentioned, but I can't rate it highly enough for that "jamie oliver" chopping on the benchtop experience.


Posted by: Gregg | Jan 22, 2006 5:47:32 PM

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