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January 6, 2006

Adventures in durian eating


I came across a most interesting account here (the November 22 post) of one man's adventure with the fruit which some call "the king of fruits" and others describe as "like eating custard in a sewer."

In the picture above you see the fellow's durian in a mesh bag, which he believes is used to protect you from the fruit's spikes.

Below, "A naked durian. You could smell it a little bit but it really wasn't that bad."


Below, "Sliced open the side and then ripped it apart with my bare hands!"


Below, "Each half can be sectioned to get to more of the fruit. It really is starting to smell now."


Below, "The stones from inside the fruit, this stuff really is like custard."


"So what did I do with the durian? I ended up making pineapple/durian/nectarine ice cream with it. It was actually quite good. And what about the smell? Well, you don't notice it until you leave the house and come back in, at which point it hits you in the face. Luckily it doesn't hang around long as long as you throw away everything when you are done."

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