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January 1, 2006



"Is India the new China?" was the lead sentence of the Lex feature on the waking giant in this past Monday's Financial Times.

India this, India that, India everywhere in the news the past few weeks.

So I've coined this new* word to describe the ongoing, accelerating move of the planet's center of economic gravity to these two countries.


At the top, a snapshot of my statistics earlier today: you will note that the proportion of readers from India (0.65%) + China (0.35%) = 1%, a percentage that's been more or less consistent throughout the day — and night — the past few weeks.

Prediction: It'll be ≥5% by the end of 2006.


Use Chindia with my blessing.

It could've been Indina, after all.

If you like you can say you made it up and I promise not to say you didn't.

I've got much bigger fish to fry here.

What they are I haven't yet figured out but I'm sure they're around somewhere.

Now where's that pony...?

*Yes, I am quite aware that a chindia is a Romanian dance tune: my neologism refers to a new meaning of the word. Please — don't you have anything else to do? Is this really the highest and best use of your time?

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To be honest, here in Malaysia, the offspring of 1 Indian + 1 Chinese parent are usually referred to as "Chindians" - Does that count?

Happy new year Joe dear. May 2006 bring you much new stuff to review - as well as the untold riches and fame and fortune and all that,

Posted by: IB | Jan 3, 2006 3:06:43 AM

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