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January 27, 2006

EZ Plug — 'Effortlessly ejects your plug from the wall outlet'


In life as we know it, all too often it is far easier to get into something than to get out of it.

Trouble, for example.

But we're not about generalities here: focus, Focus, FOCUS is what we do.

Without further ado, then, let's take an up–close–and–personal look at the plug space.

Sometimes a device's wall socket is in an awkward, difficult–to–access place.

Other times the plug seems welded to the wall so you end up jerking on the cord to remove it.

Which reminds me of art critic Robert Hughes's wonderfully–titled memoir of his life as a trout fisherman," "A Jerk On One End."

You could look it up.


I can't speak for you but me, I don't have time for nonsense like that.

From the EZ Plug website:

    Remove Any Plug From an Outlet Effortlessly

    Is removing the vacuum cleaner plug from the wall a hassle?

    Not to worry.

    The EZ Plug Wall Adapter is an ingenious invention that fits over 2– or 3– pronged devices and with the push of a lever effortlessly ejects your plug from the outlet.

    • Cantilever action

    • Weight: 4 oz.

    • 1.5"L x 1"W

2 for $14.95 here.

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Interesting product, but I predict this will be outdated sometime in the "near" future... Have you seen the new Apple MacBook Pro laptops?
They feature a magnetic plug (pretty cool), Apple has applied for a patent for this device. Think about it... if it turns out to be a good thing, some day all household appliances (lamps, TV's, computers, can openers, etc...) will have these magnetic plugs.

Posted by: cyenobite | Jan 27, 2006 5:46:52 PM

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