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January 3, 2006

Grand Canyon Skywalk


This past weekend I was reading the new (January) issue of Wired magazine and when I turned page 41 over to page 42, I started to feel a sense of vertigo as I looked at the picture above, of the soon-to–open Skywalk that juts out from the rock face, some 4,000 feet in the air over the Grand Canyon.

Here's the story, by Sean Hamilton Alexander, about an attraction I won't ever visit.

    Do Look Down

    The view may terrify you, but there's no cause for alarm.

    The Skywalk, which juts out into the air some 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor, promises to be as safe as a trip to the fridge.

    The super-strong structure is anchored to four bedrock footings with 88 steel rods.

    Altogether, the steel and glass Skywalk can support 34,000 tons (think 71 fully loaded Boeing 747s).

    It's designed to handle 100-mph winds and withstand a magnitude-7 earthquake.

    The $30 million project, backed by businessman David Jin and the Hualapai Tribe, is slated to open this summer.

    It's an effort to attract some of the 4 million tourists who visit the south rim of the Big Ditch every year.

    The Skywalk will be part of a complex on the west rim that includes the Hualapai Ranch and Indian Village, which will offer dining, shopping, and Native American exhibits and entertainment.

    A stroll on the Skywalk will cost $25.

    At least the sunsets are still free.

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Just to clear everything up:

Yes, it does cost $29.95 to enter Grand Canyon West. This fee is because private vehicles are not allowed to wander around the Rim in order to minimize human impact and preserve the natural environment which is the Hualapai heritage. This fee pays for an narrated tour in air conditioned shuttle. Visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like at each drop off location, and simply hop the next shuttle as it comes around.

There is an $11.00 impact fee for visitors because the Hualapai have no electricity or running water/sewage system. All electricity must be generated through diesel engines, all water hauled in trucks, and all waste hauled out in trucks.

There is a 7% sales tax.

Private photography is not permitted on the Skywalk. It is permitted at all other locations on Grand Canyon West. Photo costs are:

1 photo in frame - $28.04 (before tax) $30.00 after tax

2 photos in frames - $50.47 (before tax) $54.00 after tax

3 photos in frames - $75.70 (before tax) $81.00 after tax

Ultimate (4 photos In frames + 6 on USB) - $100.00 (before tax) $107.00 after tax

Digital Pkg (6 on USB) - $73.83 (before tax) $79.00 after tax

Souvenir Photo - $10.00 (before tax) $10.70 after tax

Prices in General - Many Indian tribes generate tremendous revenue from gaming, but the Hualapai have chosen to support their people by opening up their reservation to the public in order to share the splendor of the Grand Canyon with the world. The revenues generated from Grand Canyon West pay for education, healthcare, police & fire services, etc., as well as provide employment for the Hualapai tribal members

For more details and directions go to www.grandcanyonwest.com

Posted by: Bonnie | Aug 31, 2009 8:29:41 PM

I went there on August/07 and really enjoyed it.It was not scary at all and it was worth the $25.00. I can understand why you can't take pictures.The sky walk would get overcrowded and bottle-necked. There are plenty of other place's in which one can take pictures.
If they build a Hotel and Casino there along with a run way in which the tour bus driver informed us. That I do not agree with.Leave this wonder of the world in it's most natural state.

Posted by: Jim | Aug 30, 2007 9:21:56 AM

I went on April 2nd and could not believe the road and all the crazy driving going on with the rental cars. I was in my motorhome with my family coming from the South Rim. The dirt road was terrible. I could not turn around with my motor home until I reached a cattle-loading area. I unhooked my Jeep and drove it the remaining way. Even then the washboard road broke two welds on my bike rack. We had seen the news on this site while we were on the south rim and were on our way to Vegas so we decided to give it a try. Once we made it to the airport we found out that the cost was going to be $300 for two adults and 2 children, we decided it was not worth it especially because we just came from the south rim and only paid $25 for a 7 day pass. In my opinion this is a big rip that should be better defined both in pricing and in the road conditions.

We will not be going back and have told everyone that will listen about our bad experience. Lessons learned...

Posted by: Scott | Apr 11, 2007 2:20:12 AM

Absolutely agree with Ronald. The lowest price is $ 75 per person. It is just advertising says $25 to get on Skywalk, no way. I was so disappointed - $ 25 is OK, but I don’t want to pay $ 75” for package. “Does not matter what it is included , I just want to have some choice .

Posted by: Lana | Apr 3, 2007 4:20:02 PM

Mor Bubble Bursting

Okay folks, if you want to do the skywalk, the LOWEST you will pay is $75 PER PERSON! That is $50 for the tribes lowest package plus $25 to go on the skywalk.


Go figure, you can put tons of steel off a natural rock, but cant use a camera. I guess this is to ensure that their photos are the only ones you can get.

Posted by: Ronald | Mar 28, 2007 1:31:21 PM

Hay everyone don't mean to burst your bubbles, but i am going to the grand canyon this april, with my family, and i did some research and you arre right it will cost $25 to go on the skywalk, but add on $50 for reservation fee. So plan on birning a $75 hole in your wallet to go on the skywalk.

Posted by: | Mar 26, 2007 2:20:21 AM

This will be third year in a row gong to Arizona and i have wanted to do the Sky Walk from the first time I heard of it. Will it be open in March of 2007?

Bill Flynn

Posted by: Bill Flynn | Jan 31, 2007 7:48:01 PM

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Posted by: wy lun | Jan 21, 2007 5:23:28 PM

Wedding at the Grand canyon skywalk
my finance and I visited the grand canyon skywalk only a few weeks ago and we were very dissapointed. so far all thats there is a few indian huts, an small empty building and the steel that is to support the skywalk. basical it still looks like a building site.. There was one builder! We had to travel to an airport and pay about $28 dollors to go on the Earth package, onto a bus that drove us up to the skywalk site, as it is indian reservation land and only these busses can get you there... if it is going to cost a futher $25 dollors to walk on the skywalk, if it does open, then in my opinon it will be a rip off... so for the time being our wedding plans r on hold as we await more news on the construction.

Posted by: julie | Oct 23, 2006 9:36:36 PM

We are visiting the Canyon in July - does anybody know if the Skywalk will be open then?

Posted by: Kevin | Jun 2, 2006 5:45:15 AM

Impressive! Just goes to show that a dog with gun shouldn't bark with his mouth closed.

Posted by: Bonnie | May 15, 2006 11:50:50 AM

I think it's a wonderful idea...many people want to see the view down, but it's dangerous in many places, but this solution is the best how to show them, how deep is this canyon...

Posted by: Tyna | May 7, 2006 5:42:46 AM

Was at Grand Canyon last year--wish it had been built then--sure would've liked to have gone on it!!Would have been so fasinating!!!

Posted by: Janie | Mar 2, 2006 6:39:14 PM

You can read more here.

Posted by: Tami | Feb 9, 2006 8:54:40 PM

I'm going in Grand Canyon at June. The skywalk it's open???
There are any real photo of that's??

Posted by: Alessandro | Jan 23, 2006 10:45:01 AM

Yeah well. They said the Titanic was un-sinkable too.

Stupid They.

Posted by: IB | Jan 4, 2006 2:15:54 AM

Scary!I can't even look at that photo, let alone go there & pay $25 to look down!

Posted by: Tammy | Jan 3, 2006 6:43:10 PM

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