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January 28, 2006

Kevin Kelly's Master Class


He doesn't advertise it; you don't even know you're enrolled until you're already deep into the introductory course.

I realized just today, now that Kevin (above) has taken a sabbatical from his superb Cool Tools website/newsletter to finish a book, that I have gained much from my interactions with him, via email, over the past year or two.

I've submitted numerous items to him for his consideration for publication in Cool Tools, most of which never made the cut.

But that's beside the point.

Kevin's no–nonsense, pithy comments and questions have taught me how to better approach everything I deal with in the process of creating bookofjoe, and his lessons are most useful outside the blogging space as well.

Let me try to summarize Kevin's approach to information.

1) Don't just tell me about it — demonstrate why it is so with concrete examples

2) Don't exaggerate or amplify beyond what is already there

3) Show the bad along with the good

4) Be brief and clear

That's one tasty glass of Kool–Aid he mixes up in his editorial kitchen.

And I guarantee you there are hundreds of other writers out there who would tell you the very same thing.

All possible power to Kevin Kelly!

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