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January 1, 2006

Neo–Nordic Skateboard Chair


From Igland Design in Norway comes the Alet chair.


From the website:

    Neo-nordic. Birch plywood and neoprene rubber launched on big skateboard wheels.


    The chair's slim shape facilitates various sitting positions, while the thin and strong birch laminate in combination with the wheels make the chair flex comfortably.

    The neoprene cushion is covered in Alcantara.


    Ideal for TV, music, reading and laptop work.

    A hit with everyone from French film divas to Australian skaters at the 2004 100% Design Show in London.


    Limited–edition carbon fibre version available soon.


Tell you what: if I were the X–Games I'd name this the official chair and hope they'd send one.


If you'd like more information email Igland Design: [email protected]

[via AW]

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Ladies and gentlemen, now appearing on our showroom floor, I give you the ultimate in multi-tasking convenience, our five-wheeled (with SuperGlide!), chrome-plated, factory-tested portable chemical toilet, the CrapNRoll 2006!

Order now and receive free add-on book rack and Lysol holster.

Posted by: Flutist | Jan 2, 2006 1:02:09 PM

Sure looks safer than my office chair, Wolfie. But, there's always workers comp in case of an office chair calamity. This is way too pretty to take out on the streets, so will wait for the carbon fibre edition.

Posted by: Cam | Jan 2, 2006 11:23:11 AM

This is an emergency room tragedy waiting to happen. A chair with skateboard wheels on it? What fool decided this was going to be a functional piece of furniture? Completely stupid, useless and dangerous... And you are glorifying and advertising it like it's some cool new trendy piece of functional furniture? Get your head out of the sand and do some research into the injury rate of similarly designed items before you decide they're 'ideal'. According to your bio, you are in the medical field. We are shocked and appalled at your total lack of concern for any safety aspect in this dangerously designed piece of garbage. Not one of the adults or young people we showed this to could believe the mindless gravity of your comment, 'If I were the X–Games I'd name this the official chair and hope they'd send one.' This chair will most likely be responsible for a great many injuries, possibly worse. It's about the most dangerous item we've yet to encounter in ions. Grab a brain Joe, or better yet, look into buying one online, it's obvious you weren't thinking regarding this item, in any way shape or form.

Posted by: Wolfie | Jan 2, 2006 1:26:59 AM

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