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January 15, 2006

Marcel Wanders helps me demonstrate one more reason I'm sure I'm not normal


Several years ago I happened on über–designer Marcel Wanders' signature egg vase (above).

I instantly wanted one — I like things with egg shapes, be they drawings, paintings or sculpture.

FunFact: Wanders created the piece by stuffing hard boiled eggs into a latex rubber condom, then casting the result.

Anyhow, I ordered one and it arrived several weeks later, all cosseted in bubble wrap.

When I removed the vase from its packing I noticed there was a small chip on the lip (above and below).

Normal people, having dropped $75 for this piece, would immediately rewrap it and send it back, enclosing a note saying it was chipped before it arrived, please send another.

Me, that's not how I saw it.

Because you know that things like delicate porcelain vases will get chipped, cracked, or even shattered as time goes by.

It's the way of the not–flesh.

So I said to myself, hey, Joe, you've simply received the vase in the condition it'll be in a couple years from now — sit down and shut up about it already.

OK — I was down with that then and I still am: were the same thing to happen today I'd react precisely the same way.

The odd thing is that no further damage to the vase has ensued over the years, even though it's been in places where far less delicate and vulnerable things have met their Waterloo.

It's a little like that first scuff on a brand–new pair of shoes that you just adore: immediately your impulse is to clean it up.

I say, why bother?

That way from then on you can ignore whatever else happens to them and just go about your business.

Life isn't perfect, any more than we are: accept the failings of both and move on.

Once you get the knack, man, it's like flying.

The vase now costs $129 here.

It comes in three sizes, of which I chose the small.

The one pictured in the online store is the large.


I find it interesting that, unlike in many areas of life, size doesn't matter when it comes to buying one of these vases: small, medium and large, they're all priced identically.

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The ding in the vase is like the first scratch on a new car. Always a bit of a hurdle to get over, but you know it has to happen eventually.

Posted by: cc | Jan 15, 2006 9:42:18 PM

Congrats Joe! great pick! Marcel Wanders is one of my favorite Dutch designers... I particularly like his knotted chair... His designs are just amazingly breathtaking!

Posted by: Katherine | Jan 15, 2006 8:09:34 PM

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