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January 24, 2006

Panera Blocked Site Hack


I remarked Saturday on the fact that I couldn't access bookofjoe on my local Panera's WiFi because it was blocked.

Reader Benjamin Tung of the great state of Michigan confirmed shortly thereafter that the Italian–American corporate version of the Chinese firewall is up and functioning in a similar fashion at his local branch of the sandwich/bakery chain.

Benjamin wrote, "Don't make me choose between the cinnamon raisin bread and reading your blog."

I hear you.

In the meantime you can use a nifty workaround submitted by Enoch Choi, a reader who, among other things, is the founder and CEO of medmusings.

Here's his hack, which he put up in the comments section of the Panera post:



One of the nice things about bookofjoe is that even though I'm a TechnoDolt™ I've got a plethora of readers who, when it comes to technology, know quite well the difference between a hawk and a handsaw.

[via Enoch Choi and medmusings]


Addendum at 4:23 p.m.: Just moments ago I received the following email from Enoch Choi:

    I'm not just a reader... I'm a joehead ;)


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excellent! i'm not just a reader... i'm a joehead ;)

Posted by: enochchoi | Jan 24, 2006 3:54:01 PM

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