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January 27, 2006

PantAlaine — 'Provisioners of America's Finest Plural Clothing'


Plural clothing?

Haven't seen that in the fashion pages yet, have you?

Just wait.

From the bleeding edge of the rag trade comes this singular company out of — ready for this? — South Bend, Indiana.

Brian McMullen, whose day job involves keeping the riff–raff from advertising in Cabinet magazine (Oh yeah? Then how come they give you a half–page every issue? Huh, joe?) is the force majeure behind PantAlaine, which he informs me "is in the process of setting up a full–time showroom in 'my' bedroom in my parents' house in Indiana."

Those of you who read McSweeney's may recall that a full–color Sears–style circular for PantAlaine appeared in issue #17 last October.

Full disclosure: a half–page advertisement for bookofjoe appears on page 111 of the current issue (#20, below)


of Cabinet.

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I have yet to get the hang of plural residency, let alone plural attire.

Posted by: duh | Jan 27, 2006 2:18:46 PM

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