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January 27, 2006

Right Height Picture Holder — Just one hole does the trick


A world–class contract killer of the quality of Mark Burnell's heroine, Petra Reuter/Stephanie Patrick, knows very well that being paid seven figures for an termination with extreme prejudice hinges on her ability to deliver the sniper's classic result: "One target, one shot."

The inventor of this picture hanger took the same approach.


From the website:

    Consider this:

    Walk into anybody's living room and remove a picture from the wall.

    How many holes are you likely to see?

    Three, four, more??

    Hardly ever do we get a picture or painting hanging at exactly the right spot on the first try.

    How we wish that picture hook would simply move up or down, just a little!

    Introducing the Right Height Picture Hanger — featuring the picture hook that adjusts on the wall.



Two for $9.95 here.

Full disclosure: I strolled around my house and counted the holes underneath each picture, painting and mirror, then averaged the results.

It's not pretty.

It's also >4.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Except for one thing: the number of such holes in my house, in what appears to be yet another of those amazing coincidences that both baffle and delight, turns out to equal — exactly — the number required to fill the Albert Hall to capacity.


Go figure.

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Would have been more impressive had not The Washington Post Home Section profiled the exact same item on page 3 yesterday.

Posted by: Stormy | Jan 27, 2006 3:38:04 PM

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