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January 21, 2006

Spy Pen Digital Camera


Any aspiring junior spy will need one of these.

Standard equipment for those who aspire to become the real thing.

From the website:

    Work your secret spy mojo with the incredibly normal–looking Digital Camera Spy Pen.

    This incredible digital device gives you the ability to do what no other pen is capable of.

    Go to a board meeting and snap a few candid shots.

    Do your own investigation by taking snapshots of secret documents.

    Take photographs of a competitor's products at trade shows or retail stores.

    Sneak it in where cameras are not allowed like art museums and opera houses.

    2MB memory is capable of storing up to 36 160 x 120-pixel images.

    Even has a voice function that lets you know how many images have been taken and when the power is on or off.

    Includes software and serial cable (RS-232) for downloading images to PC.

    It also has a built-in pen so you can write when the need arises.

    With the Digital Camera Spy Pen, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

    Product Specifications:

    o Dimensions: 6.0" x 0.62" (150 x 15.86 mm)
    o Weight: about 69g (including batteries)
    o Operating system compatibility: Win 95/98/2000/me/xp
    o Uses 4 button cell AG13 batteries (same as LR44 watch batteries — included)
    o Includes CD-ROM driver and serial cable for downloading images
    o Video component: CMOS
    o Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
    o Focus, exposure and balance: auto
    o White balance: auto
    o Working current: 10-30mA (working), <3uA (pending)
    o Power manager: automatic shut-off/electricity
    o Built-in memory: 2MB
    o Image capacity: up to 36 at 160 x 120 (8-bit)
    o Image format: BMP
    o Erase function: image erasable
    o Power indicator: LED lamp (green)
    o Shutter speed: 0.3ms-18/120 seconds
    o Computer interface: COM interface (RS-232)
    o Function instructions: vocal instruction
    o Color Photo Download
    o Battery life: over 500 pictures
    o Battery: button cell AG13 x 4
    o Auto–shut–off conserves battery power

    Minimum System Requirements

    o CPU: 486
    o Memory: 8M
    o A Drive: 1.44M
    o CD-Rom: Driver
    o Display memory: 1M
    o Hard Disk memory: not less than 100M
    o Interface: COM port (RS232)
    o Comes with serial cable

    Recomended System Requirements

    o CPU: 266Mhz or Pentium CPU or Better
    o CD-Rom: Driver
    o Memory: 32 M
    o Display: VGA


Wait a minute — what's that song playing in the background...?

$79.95 here

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