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January 13, 2006

Sticker Shield — One of the world's greatest unknown products


Whenever I show someone what this stuff does they're amazed, impressed and say, "Where can I get some?"

Then comes the best part of hanging with me: I say, "Right here," and give them some from my utility closet, where I always keep a few extras on hand.

But you're not here hanging with me, too bad, so I can't demonstrate Sticker Shield: I'm gonna have to tell you about it instead.

OK, then.

You know those adhesive stickers for parking, vehicle registration, car inspection and what–not that go on the inside of your windshield or rear window?

Big–time pain in the buttocks taking them off, isn't it?

Big–time understatement, wasn't that?

Well, guess what?

You can avoid ever again having to waste time and energy removing and replacing those stickers.

Sticker Shield is a transparent plastic film that adheres to your car's window and makes your sticker look just like you applied it directly to the glass the way you're supposed to.

But here's the small miracle: you can peel the sticker off easy as pie, without tools or misery.

Beyond great.

I'm reminded of its excellence every year, right about now, when it comes time to put a new Albemarle County vehicle registration sticker inside my car's windshield.

A moment to prepare the new sticker with Sticker Shield, then out to the car to peel off the old one and affix the new.

Watch the video here on the Sticker Shield website and see just how easy it is.

Two 4" x 6" sheets of the stuff, enough for plenty of stickers, cost $4.99 here

Bonus: if you've got two cars and work somewhere that only allows you one parking sticker, with Sticker Shield you can effortlessly switch the sticker between vehicles and beat the system.

You know, of course, that you're not supposed to do this.

You know how much I like hacking all areas of life.


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