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January 30, 2006

Tilting Cake Turntable


I've never baked a cake but you don't have to be a rocket scientist or an anesthesiologist to know that this is one cool toy for people who practice the fine art of cakebaking.

To a serious pastry chef this device has to be catnip.

From the website:

    Professional decorating is easy with the Tilting Turntable.

    Positions any cake at just the right angle for easy decorating.

    Moves to three preset angles - 12°, 24°, and level - and locks in place, making any decorating technique easy.

    Non-slip tread holds cake safely in place while locking brake controls rotation, an essential feature for message writing.

    Quick-clean heavy-duty plastic.


Three presets?

Locks in place?

Non–slip tread?

Rotation control?

Wait a minute — I thought this was a cake platform, not a new Lexus.

Be still, my heart.

And if not, why, get out the defibrillator.

No, not that one.

$59.99 here.

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