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January 17, 2006

Why can't you separate the new MacBook Pro's screen from its base and put each part just where you want it?


This question occurred to me just now while I was happily working away here on my treadmill desk Version 2.0 (not yet ready for its premiere, which is why you haven't yet had a look at it: I'm still trying to find a more esthetic solution than an old baking sheet for filling the gap between the treadmill and the piled–up boxes supporting the TV and boombox. Something has to go there to serve as the equivalent of the trapeze artist's net in case my beloved PowerBook decides to take a flying leap into real — as opposed to hyper — space).

But I digress.

Why shouldn't I be able to simply unsnap the screen and put it on a stand (preferably integrated into the back of the screen) up at eye level and keep the trackpad and keyboard down low where I like them?


Yeah, yeah, I know, how would the screen get its power if it weren't connected?

You know what?

That's not my problem.

My charge is to ask good questions and let other, more clever people answer them.

If you insist on an answer from me, alright then, how about putting a battery in both the screen and the base?

Or putting a power adapter connector


on the screen portion too and providing two cords, each connecting to your adapter?

Come on, Steve — I know you're reading this....




Before you shrug and toss this aside as just another example of what happens when I drink a bad batch of Kool–Aid, consider the derision and laughter that accompanied the introduction of the bikini during the bland one–piece swimsuit era.

Looked around the beach lately?

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have you seen this? Not an Apple, but...

Posted by: uberjoe | Jan 17, 2006 8:24:04 PM

and here's some faux history on the aforementioned bikini's invention:

Posted by: zombiejesus | Jan 17, 2006 6:52:34 PM


You need one of these
and a bluetooth keyboard/mouse.


Posted by: Ben Willmore | Jan 17, 2006 6:46:36 PM

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