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February 14, 2006

Happy St. Valentine's Day to all


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Insomniac Alarm Clock


Seems an oxymoron, doesn't it?

I mean, if you can't sleep then why would you need an alarm clock to awaken you from a place you never were?

No matter: one of the cardinal tenets of bookofjoe is that things need not make sense to be interesting.

In fact, the two may comprise a zero–sum corundum.

Wait a minute... that's not right.

It's so hard sometimes to get it right.

Tell me moh.

What was that all about?

From the website:

    Glow–In–The–Dark Alarm Clock

    Here's everything you want in an alarm clock and more!

    It features a luminous, glow–in–the–dark face with large, easy–to–read numbers so you can easily tell the time without turning on the light.

    Plus, it has a digital temperature display and dependable alarm.

    Made of sturdy plastic with a precision quartz movement.

    Uses one AA battery (not included).


The digital temperature display is what makes this clock special.

At 4 a.m., when you're really at your wit's end and fretting about how exhausted you're gonna be later in the morning when you need to be at your absolute best, you can distract yourself by breathing on the clock's temperature sensor and watching the display change.

It's all about control in the end.

But then, you already knew that, didn't you....

Didn't you?


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Interesting mashup: "mapBid uses Google Maps to show you the location of eBay auctions."

1) Enter your search term in the box

2) Enter your Zip Code

3) Select how many miles away from your Zip Code

4) mapBid shows you all the eBay auctions on a map

Priced shipping on a used Hummer lately?

Didn't think so.

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Giant Mock Rock


Designed to hide things like unsightly pipes and meters but I see far more widespread applications.

From the website:

    Realistic 'Boulder' Disguises Yard Problems

    Hide unsightly or dangerous problem areas in your yard or garden with our multipurpose Mock Rock®.

    Lightweight yet very durable, the rock's hollow design makes it an attractive and economical solution to pipes, meters and other landscaping problems.

    You can even use it as an address plaque.

    Impact– and weather–resistant durable plastic composite.

    Ground stakes included.


My suggested uses include — but are by no means limited to —

• Instant yard clean–up when people are coming over — toys, bags of mulch, tools, what have you

• Rain protection for tricyles, scooters, bikes, etc.

• "Time–out" place for those who can't straighten up and fly right

• Playhouse (of course, this makes use as a "time–out" place somewhat problematic)

• Hiding place if you happen to be caught outside when people you don't want to deal with show up unexpectedly

I'm sure you can think of many more.

Measures 60" x 48" x 41"H.

In brown or gray.


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The Yellow Room


Elizabeth Leriche of Paris designed this small yellow plywood cube containing a bed, sink, shower and cooking area.

It was "unveiled last week as a concept piece about contemporary nomadic living at the Maison & Objet furnishings fair in Paris," wrote Marianne Rohrlich in the "Currents" feature of the February 9 New York Times House & Home section.

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Neon Hair — 'Dare to wear!'


Go on — you know you want to.

In pink (above), it's $5.95.





Green and




are also available for the same price in case your mood changes.

Hey, you're a girl — it's allowed.

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Stickam — 'Stick a webcam on'


This new website lets you add live streaming video to web pages and blogs.

Hello... did I hear somebody say "joeTV?"

No — must've been a dog barking.

Anyway, the site's official launch is tomorrow but because you're cool and all you can sign up now.

It's free here.

I'm so sure it's beyond my TechnoDolt™ capabilities I'm not even gonna bother.

You go ahead, have some fun and tell me how it was.

Often, I find, hearing about something wonderful is better than experiencing it: it seems to have more staying power in my imagination than in the original participant's memory.

Odd, that.

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Quick–Connect Hose Coupler


A great tool.

I've had them on my hoses for years and they work.

I just went outside now (it's about 35°F, with lots of snow on the ground from this past weekend's big storm) and tried mine out to see how it would fare in the cold.

Worked fine.

Not that I'll be using my hose for a few more months or anything.

From the website:

    Tired of skinning your knuckles on the side of your house or garage when attaching a garden hose?

    The solid brass and stainless–steel Quick–Connect Hose Coupler eliminates this problem and is also ideal for hard–to–reach faucets and frequently–used accessories.

    Includes one male and one female connector.


$5.95 (Hose not included).

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