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February 15, 2006

21st–Century Fire Bellows


There's some serious technology being brought to bear here.

"A gear–driven internal turbine" — be still my overengineered heart.


From the website:

    Save Your Lung Power

    There’s no better way to quickly build a charcoal or wood fire than with a steady stream of air.

    The Easy Fire Starter brings the concept of fire bellows into the 21st century.

    No batteries needed — just turn the handle and the gear–driven internal turbine sends out a powerful stream of air, aimed exactly where you need it.

    Perfect for charcoal grills, fireplace or camping use.

    Measures 10” long.

    Made in Brazil.


Why Brazil?

That was the first thing that struck me.

But not the last.


What mystifies me is why they didn't use a squeeze–handle mechanism to generate power: so much easier and user–friendly for left–handed people like myself who will struggle with the rotary mechanism to generate sufficient RPMs to produce a decent breeze.

Oh, sure, we could turn it over so as to be able crank it with our left hand — in the direction opposite that intended by the designers — but such an adaptation shouldn't be necessary.

Still, an interesting exploration of the fire space.


Donna Summer, please check your messages.


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Kristina - are you the doc's ex-wife? :):)

Posted by: bitsy | Feb 16, 2006 12:27:54 PM

if you can run on a treadmill and search the internet at the same time, you can turn a crank with your left hand enough to fuel a fire.

Posted by: kristina | Feb 16, 2006 12:25:12 PM

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