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February 7, 2006

21st–Century Spaghetti Plate


A bookofjoe exclusive.

Last night I was walking on my treadmill, doing something close to nothing (but fairly different than the night before) when, out of the ether, came an email from Canada, from one Jacques–Paul Rozand.

Attached were photos (above and below) of his sensational "Great Canadian Spaghetti Plate."

He's been quietly following my explorations of the spaghetti twirling space and decided to break his silence with what appears to me to be a quantum leap forward for pasta lovers planet–wide.

His unique dish offers a dedicated, formed pocket for one forkful of noodles to rest in while being twirled into a scrumptious, mouth–watering, perfectly proportioned (sauce/pasta) mouthful.



• Childproof

• Stainproof

• 11"W x 1"D

• Dishwasher–safe

• Heat–resistant to 284°F (140°C)

• Made of durable, high–impact–resistant Melamine

• Hypo–allergenic

• Made in Italy

• Light–weight

• Stackable

A set of four plates costs $21.80 (USD); shipping and handling add $15 for a total of $36.80 delivered.

Nice price.

If you'd like to be the first on your block to own a set, send a money order or certified check for $36.80 to:

Jacques–Paul Rozand
#5 — 16061 Airport Road
Caledon, Ontario, Canada

You can email him: spaghetti_plate@sympatico.ca


If you'd like to be Jacques–Paul's business partner or invest in his venture and join him in bringing his spaghetti plate to the mass retail market (ka–ching), contact him.

Tell him bookofjoe sent you.

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Spagetti hasn't been the same since...

Quite impressed they work really well...clean up great in the dish washer....

I like my set of Great Canadian Spagetti plates..

Posted by: Linda B | Feb 19, 2006 6:58:40 PM

OK Folks,
I just got a set of these dishes 2 weeks ago and have found that they have yet to be put away. That is they have been in use constantly. I am finding several uses for them. ie: veggies and dip, chicken fingers and dip, fish and tartar sauce, salsa and chips, and of course spagettie.
I do a lot of entertaining and have found that these plates are perfect for putting out snacks, because they are smaller than a platter (for veggies and dip) they take up less space and I can have several out. In the past I have had the problem of people spilling this on my carpet, from reaching too far for that snack. Now with this new plate I am finding that people are not having to reach so far and I am not having to restock the platter as often.
My feeling is that these are a great item to have in your home, and have many more uses than those that I have just listed.
Good luck Mr Rozand with your new product. I sure do like mine!


Posted by: Linda | Feb 8, 2006 1:35:56 PM

Cute idea but would it be terribly faux-pa of me to ask what happened to just using the big spoon? (Other than people look at me pretentiously when I do it in public)

Posted by: Mylissa | Feb 8, 2006 9:46:08 AM

Nice Idea!!!!!! Bet there are many more uses like veggies and dip......... wings and sauce.....etc etc etc

Posted by: Kathleen | Feb 8, 2006 8:15:35 AM

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