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February 18, 2006

Adjustable Curve Template


I have no use for this device nor have I a clue as to who might find it useful but I found it so interesting I'm throwing it up here.

From the website:

    Transferring Curved Shapes is Easier Than Ever

    Our Adjustable Curves Templates can be shaped to form arched or curved patterns making their exact transfer a snap.

    These flexible drawing instruments are formed of interlocking layers of butyrate plastic.

    The friction between the layers holds the curved shape securely while you transfer the shape.

    Constructed of virtually unbreakable plastic, they have been designed for use outside and they can be used over and over again for years and still retain their smooth ruling edge.

The 24" version costs $27.50, the 36" is $39 and the 48" is $49.95, all here.

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I've used several kinds of adjustable curves in my 30-year career, particularly back in days before computerized drawing when it was all done with drafting pens and paper. This reminds me of one I used in the early '80s. Very handy things, though sometimes you need another set of hands to hold it all in place.

Posted by: al Christensen | Feb 18, 2006 3:16:25 PM

I know who might find it useful - me. I do some furniture refinishing when I want to take an old beat-up but structurally sound piece of crap and turn it into an interestingly painted (with a clever and usually complicated as hell design of my own invention) piece of crap. Yeah, these things are great.

By the way, please try to refrain from throwing up on my Adjustable Curve Template gadget thingie. Or indeed, from throwing IT up, in case of accidental or deliberate ingestion. Just a suggestion - that first sentence had me worried. Not criticizing your diet or anything.

Posted by: Flutist | Feb 18, 2006 2:20:30 PM

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