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February 21, 2006

Air Zoom Bob — One hot shoe you won't find on DailyCandy


Pictured above, it's what U.S. Olympic Women's two–man bobsled pusher Vonetta Flowers is wearing in today's final heats.

The tricked–out shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield and his brother Tobie, Nike's sport–specific shoe design specialists, for this year's U.S. team bobsledders.

The caption for the illustration accompanying yesterday's USA Today print edition story by Steve Wieberg said, "A great pushoff can mean all the difference in a successful run."

The shoe features:

• 501 titanium spikes on the sole, each 3mm (1/10") high and spaced 1mm (1/25") apart, which act as little teeth to bite into the icy surface at the starting pushoff

• A stiff bridge (the area between the ball of the foot and the heel) to promote efficient energy transfer

• A plastic–covered toe because racers control the sled with their toes

• A lace–up liner to keep feet warm

• A waterproof shroud (outside covering) that zips up to provide a snug fit

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