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February 10, 2006

dumbfind.com — 'The most searchiest search engine on the web'


That's how it bills itself on its homepage.

It's basically Google on steroids: you put your search term in the first of two boxes, then choose a related tag for the box below.

The problem is the need for a hint icon reading "what's a related tag?" for TechnoDolts™ like moi.

Guess what, dumbfinders: we're already long since gone by the time you think we're clicking on that icon to find out — because we don't want to know nor do we care.

I will digress.

I must admit I'm a little chagrined at the site's having gone and put itself up: it would've been a perfect name for an internal bookofjoe search engine.

Oh, well.

There'll be other fish in the frying pan once they're out of the sea... wait a minute... that's not right.

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