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February 24, 2006

Firefly LED Water Bottle Lid


World's most technical water bottle cap becomes a lantern after dark.


• 7 white LEDs integrated into the underside of the lid

• Variable light levels — nightlight to reading lamp

• 3 AAA batteries provide 25 hours of illumination

• Works with all standard wide–mouth bottles

• Can be used right side up or upside down

• Electronics in sealed compartment

• Sterling climbing rope cable attaches lid to jar

• Crack–resistant in extreme temperatures

• Glass–reinforced plastic lid for tight seal

From Guyot.


$15 when it becomes available this spring.

[via Brian Lam and Wired magazine]

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Well not $15. - its on the Guyot site and available but for $21.95 + $10+ shipping. They are very proud of this little item. Not sure when it will hit REI or other shops; to me $32 is a bitt to o much for a gadget. I'm dissapointed 'cause I wanted one. Searching the web for someone who sells and ships at a reasonable rate. http://www.guyotdesigns.com/s.nl/sc.10/category.-110/it.A/id.303/.f

Posted by: charanis | Jun 16, 2006 7:26:21 AM

So, its spring! is it for sale yet? where can I but it?

Posted by: Pablo Madea | May 4, 2006 8:40:09 AM

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