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February 16, 2006

Fun With Concrete — Episode 1: Hand-Held Power Mixer


Got an electric drill?

Then you're ready to mix up a batch of concrete the modern way.

From the website:

    Attaches to Your Electric Drill

    Our Hand-Held Concrete Mixer is perfect for mixing small batches of concrete in a 5–gallon bucket or wheelbarrow.

    Also handy for mixing mortar, grout, even drywall "mud."

    Rinse after using and this all–steel mixer will last a lifetime.

    Measures 16" long with a 3" dia.

    Attaches to your 3/8" electric drill.

$16.50 (Bucket, drill and concrete not included).

Note: Mixer is black, not chrome as shown.

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I let some concrete go off in the wheelbarrow a few weeks ago. Small boy of ours had a happy afternoon with goggles, earmuffs and jackhammer getting it out again!

Posted by: Skipweasel | Feb 17, 2006 3:30:44 AM

I have one that looks like a giant kitchen mixer attachment. Works great, too. Got to mix a lot of concrete when we redid the bathrooms. The jackhammer's even more fun...

Posted by: riannan | Feb 16, 2006 11:08:37 PM

You Americans like your tools expensive, don't you!
We have something much the same
which is about ten of your dollars. Gets to the bottom of the bucket better, too.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Feb 16, 2006 4:58:19 PM

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