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February 25, 2006

Impromptu Bowl Cover


No Saran Wrap?

No problema.

From cooksillustrated.com:

    Impromptu Bowl Cover

    Plastic wrap is the usual choice for covering leftovers for storage, but Kim Waters of Gainesville, Ga., discovered another option.

    A clean, unused shower cap (often found in complimentary toiletry packs in hotel rooms) makes a perfect bowl cover.

    It is big enough to fit most large mixing bowls and creates a more reliable seal than most plastic wraps.

[via cooksillustrated.com]

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I've been using these for a while now:

Buy a set of 6 for less here:

Posted by: IB | Feb 26, 2006 2:16:45 AM

I just know some day I'm going to check out boj and it'll be all candy and ink pens, which I personally would love. Oh, maybe some beyond the medspeak thing about toenails every now and then just to serious it up a little.

Anyhow when I first looked at this I thought it said "Impromptu BOWEL Cover." (Eeeeeewwww! Aaaaaaahhhhh!) And, hey, you can keep some bugs (flies, and maybe the odd cochroach; ants will just laugh - they rule the South and laugh at everything) out of bowls by putting old-timey hair nets (with tiny netting, obviously) on them. On the bowls, not the bugs. That would be a real job, wouldn't it? Can't you just see that fly in the Vincent Price version of "The Fly" screaming "help meeeee, help meeee!" with a little tiny hairnet on? (By the way, that's the scariest damn thing I've ever seen in any movie, ever. Still have nightmares about it.)

Posted by: Flutist | Feb 25, 2006 12:24:35 PM

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