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February 10, 2006

Kölsch Beer Glasses — 'The champagne flutes of the beer world'


That's good enough for me.

    From the website:

    Our buyers annually go to the world's largest international tool and hardware show in Cologne (Köln), Germany and sooner or later each brings home a dozen (or more) of the beer glasses of the region.

    The local beer, Kölsch, is brewed only in the Cologne region and must not only conform to the German Beer Purity Act of 1516 but must also be served only in these special slim, graceful 1/5 litre (6.8 fl. oz.) glasses called "stangen" (rods).

    These are the champagne flutes of the beer world, only 2" in diameter and just shy of 6-1/2" tall.

    Their appeal comes not only from their history and their classic design but also from the thin (0.040") sidewall glass; it is like drinking from fine porcelain or crystal.

    They are suited to any tall, cool drink.

    With a 3/8" thick bottom they are both stable and sturdy, yet only half the weight of usual glasses of the same volume.

    We have had these under test for over 20 years and find their look and performance to be just right.


Twenty years of testing can't be wrong: where can I get some?


$8.95 a dozen here.

[via Kate Meyrowitz]

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We brought these home after imm Cologne too. The funny thing is that if you walk down the street in the mornings early enough, they line the walks and window sills from the revelling of the night before... so one of the people I was with made a collection of all the different Koelsch brands and we bought a pack from Fruh.

Posted by: Three Layer Cake | Feb 11, 2006 2:24:19 AM

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