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February 28, 2006

MonsterPod Stick–On Digital Camera Tripod


Jefferson Graham, in yesterday's USA Today story called it the "big red slop."

MonsterPod (above and below) is a gooey substance with a tripod slot that you can attach to anything — brick, wall, tree, doorknob, even the business end of an upside–down golf club.


Kelly Turner featured the new device on yesterday's Macworld.com blog.

Wrote Turner, "The $30 MonsterPod has no telescoping legs, clamps or straps. It sticks to surfaces via a 'viscoelastic morphing polymer' — if that means as little to you as it does to me, imagine a giant wad of extra-sticky Silly Putty."

Here's the Macworld article:

    Stuck On You

    There’s something about seeing a digital camera stuck to the business end of a golf club that really grabs your attention — especially if that golf club comes dangerously close to your person.

    "See, it doesn’t come off even if I hold it upside down," brags Tyler Byrd while jabbing the club somewhat precariously into the passing crowd at Sunday's Photo Marketing Association (PMA) convention in Orlando, Florida.

    Tyler is the younger member of a father-and-son team that has invented a sort of anti-tripod called the MonsterPod.

    The $30 MonsterPod has no telescoping legs, clamps, or straps. Instead, it sticks to surfaces via a "viscoelastic morphing polymer" — if that means as little to you as it does to me, imagine a giant wad of extra-sticky Silly Putty.

    MonsterPod sticks to almost anything that has a hard surface; in addition to the golf club, I watched it stick to the side of a piece of wood (shown at the top), the underside of a table, and a metal pole.


    The MonsterPod attaches to the tripod mount on a compact digital camera (because of weight concerns, MonsterPod's makers don’t recommend using it with an SLR or other large-body camera) and can be molded to fit almost any form.

    Want to stick it on a doorknob?

    No problem.

    The beauty of the MonsterPod lies in its versatility.

    How many times have you wanted to take a low-light photo or to use the self timer (to get yourself in the shot), but couldn’t find a flat surface to set your camera on?

    With this, all you need is something at the right height — for example, the back of a chair, a fence railing, or even a column.

    Plus, it's compact enough that you can easily carry it around with you—it's 1.75 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, and weight 6 ounces.

    Just don’t leave it stuck somewhere public for too long, or you get an unpleasant visit from the bomb squad.


"Guaranteed to double the number of pictures with you in the picture."


In Hot Pink, Aqua Blue, Blood Red, Sunny Yellow, Bat Black, Orange Peel or Purple Monster.

$30 (camera not included).

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Hey, I agree, it really looks cool! I will try it out. And yeah, sometimes you just can't find a place for the camera, so this can come to be really helpful when it comes to unusual surfaces. definetively a good idea.

Posted by: Justin | Apr 19, 2006 3:53:37 PM

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - March 2, 2006 - PMA 2006 Overview

While there were plenty of mega cameras, mega booths, and mega pixels at the PMA 2 week, there was only one mega release — MonsterPod ™. What the MonsterPod™ boys lacked in flash and glitter, they made up in pure brilliance.

At first the crowd was skeptical, but as word began travel, the MonsterPod ™ boys were rock’n and roll’n and stick’n their MonsterPod™ to nearly everything in their booth and their neighbors booths too.

Crowds gathered for hours around booth 1854, hidden way back deep in the barrio, far from the bright lights and pretty girls (they call them reps), to see the father and son team stick their invention to golf clubs, snow skis, drift wood, squirrel cages, Styrofoam balls, wine bottles and even a swinging tennis racket! The crowds when wild, as the MonsterPod ™ boys launched their product into stardom – or, so it was seeming.

Basically MonsterPod ™ is a tripod head mount with a viscoelastic silicone polymer goo that will mold to practically any surface.

What this means to shutterbugs around the world, is that whether you’re hiking in the woods, skiing down the slopes, rocking climbing the Grand Canyon, traveling up the Eiffel Tower or parting with friends at home, you can simply screw this baby into your compact digital camera and press it to any surface at any angle and it will stick, creating an instant tripod.

And, it really sticks! So good, in fact, the MonsterPod ™ was stuck over 3,000+ times in 4 days at PMA 2006 – and, is still stick’n after take’n all that lick’n…

MonsterPod™ the most incredible digital camera tripod on planet earth.

Randel Byrd
MonsterPod, Inventor
Monster Pod Technology, Inc.

Posted by: Randel Byrd, Inventor | Mar 12, 2006 5:35:08 PM

That's pretty cool. After all the times I've tried to balance a camera on a stack of books or something, this would be nice. I wonder how long is stays sticky.

Posted by: RP | Mar 7, 2006 12:25:02 AM

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