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February 3, 2006

Official Linux Red Hat Scarf


A bookofjoe exclusive.

It's been a big week for Linux and freeware, what with Nicholas Negroponte's decision to bag Windows and use Linux in his revolutionary $100 wireless, self–powered laptop, coming to every country in the world in the not–too–distant future now that Quanta, the world's leading laptop manufacturer, has agreed to Negroponte's terms.

Bill Gates had a hissy fit at Davos, though, especially when Negroponte told insiders that he'd chosen Linux not simply because it was open–source and free but also because it was better.


Bet Ballmer threw a chair or three when he heard that.

Anyhow, in honor of the upcoming global Red Hat internet experience the official scarf (above) has just been released.

From the website:

    Ideal for society meetings and other get-togethers with the ladies!

    Purple nylon scarf features poised red hats abounding throughout.

    21" x 60".

    Hand wash.


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Um, Joe. Love you. Love the blog. But that's not RedHat's scarf. That's the scarf for the women for the Red Hat Society, women who say that when they get old they shall wear a red hat with a purple outfit, because they can. I looked on RedHat's store site, and it's deffo not there. But I really don't see Walter Drake having ANYTHING to do with Linux :-)

Posted by: Elana | Feb 3, 2006 9:40:05 AM

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