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February 23, 2006

Operation Game Pen


Is this a hint?

It arrived yesterday from Mississippi, a result of what must have been some serious deliberation on the part of my crack research team head researcher.

From the website:

    This game really works – tweezers are hidden under the cap!

    All pieces are connected by nylon thread so they will not get lost.

    Features broken heart, butterflies in stomach, writer's cramp, charley horse and wrenched ankle.

    Includes replaceable battery.


Bonus: the pen really writes.

But wait — there's more.

When you touch the tweezers — which in this OR are the equivalent of forceps — to any of the five white target organs, the guy's nose lights up bright red and a buzzer sounds.


That's one big heap of surgical fun for $5.99.

[via Shawn Lea and everythingandnothing]

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