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February 1, 2006

Portable Sauna


Just because you live in a bandbox apartment with bozo roommates doesn't mean you can't chill (remember — we're in the Bizarro World here) in this nifty creation that you can haul around the world with you as you ascend the corporate ladder, crashing through glass ceilings and laughing all the way to the bank.

From the website:

    Two–Person Home Sauna

    Unlike most home saunas, this unit fits into small spaces and can be set up in a few hours without the inconvenience of extensive home remodeling.

    Made from kiln–dried red cedar and stainless–steel hardware, the sauna is large enough to seat two people and can be set up in a bathroom, bedroom, recreation room, garage or an outdoor location such as a backyard or by a pool.

    This centuries–old Scandinavian custom helps improve circulation, relax muscles, burn calories, relieve arthritic pain, cleanse skin and relieve stress.

    Like all true saunas, this model uses hot rocks to create heat.

    Relative humidity levels are controlled by the bather sprinkling water on the hot rocks — a gentle method of heat radiation that prevents the uncomfortable "electric toaster" feel of electrically–heated saunas.

    Breathable, solid wood construction ensures the interior surface temperature is kept low while delivering penetrating heat that soothes and relaxes.

    Free air flow design uses natural convection to bring fresh air into the heater from below and to disperse it inside the sauna, promoting quick warm–up time and energy efficiency.

    Includes internal thermometer (sauna maximum temperature is 200°F) and wall light.

    Plugs into a dedicated 230V-30A circuit.

    Do not place on carpeted surfaces.

    Some assembly required.

    84" H x 54" Diameter.

    Weight: 530 lbs.


"Want to come up and see my sauna?"

That's different.

$2,999.95 here.

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