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February 24, 2006

Put your plug above the socket: advertising enters the electrical space


Many years ago I began using the electrical outlets at airports to charge my cell phone while I talked on it.

That was back when battery life was about ten minutes.

Nowadays computers are the devices most often plugged in by travelers waiting for their plane.

Suzanne Vranica wrote about the latest advance (perhaps not the right word but let's not quibble) in advertising in a story that appeared in the February 21 Wall Street Journal: J. P. Morgan Chase's commercial banking unit earlier this month paid to have 90 two–foot–high stickers (above) placed on the wall atop electrical outlets throughout the departure lounge areas at Indianapolis International Airport.

The banners have Chase's name and logo and say things like, "This outlet works. Now you can too."

They also provide a local phone number or email address to reach the bank.

Chase is paying $65,000 for a one–year run for its ads.

Probably approached the Indianapolis airport after I turned 'em down.

No way is anyone putting stuff above the electrical outlets in my house.


That's not why they called?

Now you tell me.

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