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February 26, 2006

Single Egg Poacher


I've learned my lesson.

The last time I featured a device to enable poached egg preparation, I remarked as an aside that I doubted any of my readers were the poached egg type.

Boy, was I wrong.

A firestorm of email ensued and set me straight.

You can read a small sample if you scroll down to the comments on that poast.

So no joking around here, just the facts.

From the website:

    For a holiday breakfast, special-occasion brunch or for everyday enjoyment, create poached eggs in an oval shape using this aluminum mold.

    Designed to rest inside a pan on its feet, the mold has a loop handle so you can safely lift it from hot water.

    Measures 3.5"W x 6.75"H.



Two for $3.99.

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but poached eggs are so easy to make without any gizmos.

Posted by: r | Feb 26, 2006 8:32:33 PM

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