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February 22, 2006

TastyBite Indian Microwave Meals


I happened on these at my local Kroger the other day during one of my of my frustrating, interminable searches for something whose location I simply cannot remember in a grocery store I patronize regularly (and have for years).

Anyway, I looked at the picture on the box and thought, that's different (it was Peas Paneer with Basmati Rice, in case you're wondering).

So I bought it along with two other meals.

Long story short: they're superb.

And so nicely elementary in terms of preparation:

1) Open the box

2) Remove the two pouches from the plastic cooking bowl

3) Open the rice and dump it in the bowl

4) Open the second (peas) pouch and pour it on top of the rice

5) Loosely place the box cover on top

6) Nuke for 2 minutes

Very nicely done.

All the little things have been thought of, such as the pouches being nicely notched on both sides toward the top so you don't have to hunt for a knife or scissors to open them.

I don't recall the price in the store but I know it was more than this website's $1.99–$2.99/meal.

Highly recommended.


Note added today at 9:20 a.m.: The website also offers a selection of similarly packaged Thai meals.

I ordered five different ones and my recommendation is to stick to the Indian selections.

For one thing, some of the Thai dishes cannot be prepared quickly in a microwave but instead require first boiling water to prepare noodles.

Second, those that are quick microwave meals aren't very good.

The jasmine rice is so heavily scented you feel like you're standing in an elevator with someone wearing cheap perfume and the other constituents offer little in the way of eye appeal or palate delight.

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