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February 23, 2006

Things that make me say 'Yessss!'


Anytime I read about some new company or service that's supposed to enable frictionless micropayments, I get all excited.

You may recall that the word "frictionless" was the poster child for Internet 1.0 and its inflationary bubble.

Hasn't happened: you're still paying me what you think bookofjoe is worth instead of my valuation.

Although, truth be told, we're not all that far apart.

You don't know how much it hurt me to say that.


Yesterday's New York Times had a special Small Business section centering on things digital.

Jennifer 8. Lee's front–page article about a new white–hat hacker school called Y Combinator, a kind of software writers' MIT, was interesting enough if you're the type of person who knows what a Y Combinator is (I'm not — for a second there I thought it was something that made the Y chromosome special, but no) but the part I that got my attention was buried about a third of the way through the story.

    Here it is:

    The other, called TextPayMe, is a service that sends cash payments to an online account through text messaging — akin to PayPal but using a cellphone.

    Last month, Mr. Yuen [the inventor] was in Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley, demonstrating his product to venture capitalists and other tech entrepreneurs.

    At a Y Combinator dinner, he asked Evan Williams, a co–founder of Blogger, who was a guest speaker at the event, for his cellphone number and then sent him $2 using TextPayMe.

    Mr. Williams, intrigued, mentioned that he had the same idea earlier that day while brainstorming with friends.

    "It's something in the air," he said.



Well, guess what?

I'm inhaling — but nothing's happening.

Maybe I bought the wrong stuff.

But it says "Kool–Aid," with that frosty pitcher with the happy smile and all....

I wonder where I messed up.

Trouble is, what with the way things are around here there are so many places it could be that once I started looking I'd never be finished.


Better get on with the next post and stop dreaming, what?

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Sadly your Operation pen is missing the 'most recent' addition to the 'real' game .. the ice cream cone to the noggin which equates BRAIN FREEZE!

Posted by: Wendy | Feb 23, 2006 3:48:23 PM

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