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February 2, 2006

Vince Lombardi Speaks


"In 1967 Green Bay Packer guard Jerry Kramer smuggled a tape recorder into the locker room before Super Bowl II and taped, among other speeches, Vince Lombardi's final locker room pep talk as coach of the Packers. 'I had to do it in secret,' explains Kramer, 'because I knew my ass was grass if Coach caught me.'"

The above is from a short item in the new (February 6) issue of Sports Illustrated.

Kramer unearthed his tapes last year while rummaging through boxes in his garage, according to the magazine, and has just released his fly–on–on–the–wall recordings in a $30 two–disc set entitled "Inside the Locker Room" (above).

For an additional $10 Kramer will autograph it for you.

You can listen to excerpts free here.

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