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February 15, 2006



What do you see?

Above, the latest shot from the VolcanoCam in the Cook Inlet, 170 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

Augustine is the name of the volcano there that has been erupting for the past month.

The 4,100–foot–high volcano is monitored around the clock by a host of webcams and other instruments, with hourly text updates, seismic readings and lots of other information to keep you occupied in the wee small hours when sleep just won't come.

So you don't need to drop $7.99 for that ridiculous glow–in–the–dark thermometer clock after all.

Just head for www.avo.alaska.edu and you're all set.

[via Henry Fountain and the New York Times]

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You can also view a really amazing thermacam video of volcanic activity on the northern lava flow at Burr Point from the Augustine volcano.

Read entry at http://expofair.tv/magazine/40#trackbacks

View video at http://expofair.tv/expofair/expofairtv

Bookmark Million Dollar Maps - Alaska news and information portal at http://expofair.tv/expofair/mmap/alaska

Posted by: Brenda | Mar 24, 2006 8:26:03 PM

Cool. But my favorite webcam remains the Naked Mole-rat cam at the National Zoo.

Posted by: Richelle | Feb 18, 2006 2:06:39 PM

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