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February 3, 2006

Where in the world is bookofjoe's readership?


Every so often Sitemeter rolls out a new feature in its statistics package.

First came continents, then time zones, then countries where bookofjoe readers are located.

This morning, through the haze and cobwebs of my consciousness, slowly re–emerging from wherever it goes while I'm asleep, I'll be darned if I didn't espy a line that said, "Distance."


I clicked on it and it said I had to go my manager page and enter my location to make it operative.

That makes sense; I can do that.


I was hoping for a city and state thingie but instead got the map pictured up top, with an instruction to click on where I was or enter my latitude and longitude in the boxes provided below the map.

I went to Google and learned that bookofjoe World Headquarters™ in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A. is located at 38.0218°N, 78.5321°W.

I entered those coordinates in the boxes.

But up came the bar graph below, showing that the great majority of my readers were about 7,000 miles away.


That can't be right, I thought: most of my readers at the moment are in the U.S. (below),


not on the other side of the planet.

And they're primarily in the Eastern time zone (below).


I looked at the world map and the little yellow circle was somewhere in the Himalayas.

I looked out the window and I did see mountains but they sure didn't look like the Himalayas.

In fact, I could've sworn they were the Blue Ridge Mountains.


So I decided to try the other method of providing my location, and clicked on the map where where I estimated my location to be.

The little yellow circle you see on the map up top appeared.

Then the page with the request for my location automatically filled in my latitude and longitude.

Then I clicked on the "Distance" feature again and got the bar graph below.


That's more like it.

What with my rapidly improving computer skills I'm more and more thinking that my self–declared TechnoDolt™ label is a Bizarro World kind of thing.

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What happened to your Chinese readers?

Posted by: Jack | Feb 4, 2006 9:31:47 PM

Your problem was that you needed to enter the longitude as a negative...for West. I bet you entered it as a positive number and that sent you east instead. just fyi North and east are positive, South and West are negative.

Posted by: Katie | Feb 3, 2006 7:37:08 PM

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