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February 15, 2006

Helpful Hints from joe–eeze: Where to get parts


Jessica Vascellaro wrote a very informative and useful short piece for the February 9 Wall Street Journal about the new breed of online parts stores.

She noted that they're now far deeper in terms of their inventory and much more user–friendly and apt to lead you to precisely what you need to fix something electronic or mechanical instead of tossing it.

For example, Partstore.com now has a stock of 7 million available parts, up from 4 million a year ago.

The three sites she featured, along with her comments:

Partstore.com — "Huge inventory. New consumer–friendly search narrows parts by gadget type and brand before providing a list of possible model numbers."

Wehaveparts.com — "Specializes in consumer electronics like computers, cameras and home appliances. Convenient if you have a model number. Without one, searching is time–consuming and difficult."

Sears.com/parts — "More than six million parts for home appliances, lawn equipment, portable electronics and power tools. Site provides detailed product diagrams to help identify the precise part you need."

From the article:

    Most parts sites sell pieces at or near the manufacturer's retail price.

    They are often good sources of parts for older items that stores may no longer keep on their shelves.

    Most sites also include instructions on how to use the replacement parts.

    But they don't have installation help lines: If you get stuck you're on your own.

Let me throw in my own too ¢ense... wait a minute, that's not right — sixth sense: try putting the model number or part number (if you have it – doh! If you don't that'll be difficult, what? But I digress) into the Google search box before you go hunting on these websites — you may find yourself pleasantly surprised, as have been I, by the results.

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