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March 2, 2006

Google–style Logo Maker Taken Down


That's the bad news.

I just visited the nifty application to create a logo for an upcoming post only to learn that "This site is currently closing."


I guess Google's lawyers weren't amused.

But wait — there's more.


That same page has a link to a page called logo54.


logo54 is a "Free Font Viewer" — "You can make a free font image" using Ferrari, STAR WARS, Harry Potter, Yahoo or Nintendo styles.




Don't take forever to make the ones you want because I suspect these companies' attorneys are already heading over to the courthouse for cease–and–desist orders.

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Magnetic Paint — Make any wall or surface magnetic


Steel yourself.

From the website:

    Magic Wall Magnetic Paint

    Magic Wall Magnetic Paint is an acrylic latex water–based primer that turns any wall into a magnet–receptive surface.

    A great solution to cluttered refrigerators, ugly pushpin holes and tape marks.

    Great for:

    • School displays

    • Art Projects

    • Photo walls

    • Work walls

    • Home workshop

    • Play areas

    • The office

    • Planning board

    • Schoolroom

    • Word walls

    • Bulletin boards

    • Dorm rooms


A kit containing 16 oz. (one quart) of Magnetic Paint, a 3" foam roller, a plastic tray and a "bonus Mighty Mag magnet" is $24.99.

[via hometone.org]

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The golden age of children's records, from the mid–1940s through the early 50s, lives.

From the website:

    Each recording has been carefully transferred from the original 78s and encoded to MP3 format for you to download and enjoy.


    You'll find a new addition every week, all year long.

Among the selections:

• "Peter Pan" featuring the voices of Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff

• "Children's Songs and Stories" by Tex Ritter

• "Pecos Bill" featuring Roy Rogers

• "Cinderella" told by Jeanette MacDonald

Along with the audio the website includes the artwork that came with the original recordings.

[via Doug Stanley and the Tampa Tribune]

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Cup–a–Cake Cupcake Stabilizer


If all the digital camera companies are adding image stabilizers to their newest handhelds then you know the mad cooks in the kitchen skunkworks out back are doing their part to bring this same technology to the sweet space.

And here it is at long last, the solution to the disfigured, mashed–up and smashed–up cupcake you're left with at work when lunchtime rolls around.

Why does this have to happen, you say?

When it left home it was a work of art, the frosting swirled just so into swooping curliques, the sprinkles spaced perfectly on their delicate field of cream.

From the website:

    Moving mountains (of whipped icing)?

    Your towering cupcake will travel securely from home to office or school in Cup-a-Cake.

    • Ingenious carrier stabilizes an individual cupcake (or muffin) as it travels.

    • No messed-up icing, no squashed cupcake!

    • Good for cupcakes up to 2-3/4" tall.

You get a set of 2 — one blue and one yellow — for $5.95 (cupcakes not included).


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Dynamic Images — 'Fun with pictures'


I haven't the foggiest idea how to use this tool but joehead Matt Penning clearly does: he sent me the above photo last night.

Maybe you're more like Matt than like me.

I certainly hope so for your sake.

[via Matt Penning]

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RainbowBrush — 'World's first true rainbow marker'


The three markers clip
together and let you
create pictures just
like a street artist.


Five colors?


No problema: $14.95.

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My All–Time Top 10 Movies


In no particular order:

1) Some Like It Hot

2) A Clockwork Orange

3) To Kill A Mockingbird

4) The Battle of Algiers

5) 2001: A Space Odyssey

6) Elvira Madigan

7) Ferris Bueller's Day Off

8) Ben–Hur

9) Bridge on the River Kwai

10) Star Wars


It seems to me that the longevity of bookofjoe is directly related to how hard I have to work to create it.

If it takes a lot of time every day, and once in a while I have a bad day, why, making up the lost ground on a good day will take that much more time than if the daily creation takes up less time.

Gee, Joe, that makes sense: you're really good at math.


I'm going to shorten the actual creation time for bookofjoe by a significant amount from this post forward.

I can't estimate how much in terms of per cent or anything, but I'm going to use more short–cuts like Top 10 lists, things I can just throw up in a hurry.

I hope you don't mind.

Nothing else will change.

After all, isn't a little less better than nothing at all?

Or are you more the all or nothing type?

Breaking up is hard to do — or so they say....


Here are ten more films I could easily substitute for my Top 10:

11) Lawrence of Arabia

12) Midnight Cowboy

13) Taxi Driver

14) The Parallax View

15) The Conversation

16) The Graduate

17) Z

18) Forrest Gump

19) Ordinary People

20) The Bellboy

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Cat Attack — Now with Chaos Wand™ Technology


It doesn't get any better than this if you're currently occupying a feline body space.

From the website:

    Your Cat's New Best Friend

    Cat Attack, the remote–control cat exerciser featuring the world's first Chaos Wand, will keep you and your cat entertained for hours on end!

    The mouse-shaped toy randomly shakes and twirls the Chaos Wand, driving your cat wild with a bobbing tassel.

    This movement alone will captivate your favorite feline, but there's one more surprise in store.

    You hold a wireless remote control that controls the base of the toy.

    Getting bored?

    Drive the Cat Attack across the room and watch your cat chase after and pounce on it.

    Your remote features forward and spin buttons that allow you to drive anywhere you want with a little practice.

    The Science: The Cat Attack uses the latest research in chaos theory and complex systems to emulate the movements and personality of a cat's favorite prey.

    This "virtual mouse" technology utilizes algorithms based on a six-dimensional coupled nzmap system modeled on the neural network of a real mouse.

    What all this means is that the Cat Attack's "virtual mouse" will become your cat's new best friend.

    Drives on carpet and smooth surfaces.

    Infrared remote control.

    Requires 5 AA batteries (included).


Really purring now, aren't you?

Then you're ready to watch the video [NR].


[via Warren Santoro and Doug Klippert]

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