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March 21, 2006

Alinea Restaurant — Food as spectacle


Alinea Restaurant, headed by the driving, endlessly inquisitive young chef Grant Achatz, opened last May in Chicago.

I happened on its website last night and was enchanted by the presentation of its singular dishes, among them mussel (top),


bacon (above),


Spend some time in their cuisine gallery, browse the menu and know that, when the bookofjoe World Tour 20?? hits Chicago, this is where I'm gonna hold my meet 'n greet.

Count on it.

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Pin–to–Necklace Converter


Tired of putting holes in your best frocks?

This device eliminates the problem.

From the website:

    Convert a pin into a necklace!

    Wear your favorite pins without piercing your clothes by converting that special item into a necklace!


    Works with jewelry with horizontal pins.

    Show off the pins you love but are hesitant to wear for fear of leaving a hole in your clothes or tearing fine fabrics.

    Simply slide the horizontal pin through one of the protective converters, then slide the ring onto the 17" neck wire.

    Set of four converters (½", ¾", 1" and 1½" long).

    Specify gold or silver finish.




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World's best party crashing technique


From famed party–crasher Alex Mamlet (above and below at parties he's crashed with, from the top, invited guests Steven Spielberg, Penelope Cruz and Colin Farrell) of the award-winning short film, "Kid Protocol":


"A never–fail technique is showing up in a chef outfit with a food item, looking really concerned. Security will always let you in. The more outrageous the food item, the more likely they are to let you in."


How do you spell "durian?"

[via Ashby Strassburger and the Washington Post]

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Johnny Jolter Power Plunger


With a name like that you know it's gotta be good.

From the website:

    Uses Water Pressure to Clear Toilet Clogs

    Standard toilet plungers generate little pressure but can create quite a mess.

    The Johnny Jolter Power Plunger uses the power of water pressure to clear even the most stubborn clogs within seconds — without making a mess.

    It fits snugly into all residential and commercial toilets of any type or size.

    Simply retract the power plunger handle, drawing water into the unit.

    Pushing the handle down creates a powerful clog–busting force that immediately dislodges most clogs.

    The unit is 20-1/2" long and has been ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

    Easily disassembles for quick cleaning after use.


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IMDbPro.com — What's your STARmeter rank?


You've probably visited IMDb.com (Internet Movie Database), where you go to find out anything and everything movie–related.

I just found out about IMDbPro.com, in the oddest way: I was reading an interview with British actress Emily Mortimer and she mentioned how annoyed she found it to be ranked only #416 on the IMDbPro STARmeter, while her "Match Point" co–star Scarlett Johansson was a mighty #7 in the world.

Mortimer told her interviewer, "I think I should at least be in the one–hundreds."

I wandered over to the pro site and saw that it offers, besides the STARmeter rankings (updated weekly), a whole slew of other features.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it costs $12.95 a month to gain access.

But then there's a bit of good news: you can try it for two weeks free.

Otherwise you'll never know what floor your star maker machinery–elevator stopped at.

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Endless Yoga Mat Bag


Designed by Sakurako Kaneko and Mayumi Kubota.

Kaneko is the creator of the original Endless Bag.

From the website:

    This is the first design of the popular adjustable Endless Bag that features vertical zippers, making it ideal for carrying your yoga mat, posters, oversized documents, tripods, etc.

    Easily add or remove one or more of the five zippered-on sections to adjust the size of the bag according to your needs, even transforming it into a small purse.

    Made of lightweight black neoprene with multi-colored zippers and adjustable straps.

$90 (yoga mat not included).

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Yogi Berra syndrome and the internet


The other day I got to thinking about how more than once I've mentioned a cool site here only to find it's been closed down soon after being featured.

That's no good.

See, the thing is, you can transgress in a virtual sense only if you're doing it below the radar: once Google or Apple see that you've edged into what they perceive as their proprietary territories, out come the lawyers from their holding cells and you're toast as soon as they've made a beeline for the local courthouse for a restraining order.

But what's the fun of knowing about something cool if I'm the only one who knows about it?

That's not what I'm about: in fact, quite the opposite.

So it's not clear to me how to proceed when I come upon something I know won't last once exposed to the light in your eyes and that of others.

"Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded."

Yogi got it right.

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Doubt certainty


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