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March 29, 2006

Prince's 3121


If all goes as I intended when I ordered this new album by the master from Amazon late this past Saturday afternoon, I'll be listening to it as you read these words.

Right now (4:56 p.m. ET Saturday) it's "Musicology" on endless repeat.

"This is the life o' the party,
We gonna do it right."

Oh yeah.

The reviews on "3121" are almost unanimously rave+.

Oh yeah.


"All the purple hippies bang your head on the 1."

That sound you hear is my cabeza hitting the digit.

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Sorry Joe --

Horrible album. No coherency at all. I picked it up on the day it came out after hearing Fury played on SNL. It sounds like B sides from a decade of greatest hits. The aural space is all over the place. Genres don't even pretend to want to mesh. Its another album where Prince decided to randomly pick songs from his vaults with no rhyme or reason (well, maybe a little with the rhymes).

Here are a few songs (done coherently from the new album) from the Brit Awards.


Some of the music trading sites have the HighDef rip of Fury from SNL but I can't find a link right now. I plan on ripping the audio from that as the song sounds a LOT better performed live (and then deleting everything but Black Sweat from my iTunes library).

Alternatively -- if anyone can find a highdef rip of this or a quality MP3, I'd be MUCH appreciated (noting I own all the Wilburies, Beatles and most everything Prince has ever put out...even the crap):


Prince absolutely ROCKS on this...wait about halfway through for his guitar mastery to show up in force. His solo alone captures the intent of the song....

But the album -- buy the singles and be happy with it. The studio sessions don't match the mastery of his live performance, and the album just doesn't live up to any of the rave reviews. Prince is the greatest guitarist alive, he just has no quality control impulse anywhere in his crazy purple head.

Posted by: clifyt | Mar 29, 2006 12:27:36 PM

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