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March 2, 2006

Cat Attack — Now with Chaos Wand™ Technology


It doesn't get any better than this if you're currently occupying a feline body space.

From the website:

    Your Cat's New Best Friend

    Cat Attack, the remote–control cat exerciser featuring the world's first Chaos Wand, will keep you and your cat entertained for hours on end!

    The mouse-shaped toy randomly shakes and twirls the Chaos Wand, driving your cat wild with a bobbing tassel.

    This movement alone will captivate your favorite feline, but there's one more surprise in store.

    You hold a wireless remote control that controls the base of the toy.

    Getting bored?

    Drive the Cat Attack across the room and watch your cat chase after and pounce on it.

    Your remote features forward and spin buttons that allow you to drive anywhere you want with a little practice.

    The Science: The Cat Attack uses the latest research in chaos theory and complex systems to emulate the movements and personality of a cat's favorite prey.

    This "virtual mouse" technology utilizes algorithms based on a six-dimensional coupled nzmap system modeled on the neural network of a real mouse.

    What all this means is that the Cat Attack's "virtual mouse" will become your cat's new best friend.

    Drives on carpet and smooth surfaces.

    Infrared remote control.

    Requires 5 AA batteries (included).


Really purring now, aren't you?

Then you're ready to watch the video [NR].


[via Warren Santoro and Doug Klippert]

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