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March 25, 2006

Google Logo Maker — on steroids


Bad news, good news.

As you may recall, the Google logo maker featured here on January 31 disappeared soon after I mentioned it.

This past Monday I received an email from a reader advising me that the precise day it was taken down was February 15 — but not to fret.

'Cause said reader then directed me here, where you can once again play to your heart's content with Google–style logos (top).

But wait — there's more.

That same page offers a link to another page offering eight other logo styles for you to play with (below).


And that's not all.

If you order now... just kidding.

But if you persist you will come upon yet another page with an additional 20 or so other logo styles plus the ability to render yours in a choice of over 60 different colors and 10 patterns.

One door — or website — closes, another opens....

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I have tested it 4 YAHOO also ,, so Nice keep it as a home page 2 retreive it later

Posted by: Noora | Jul 25, 2006 9:19:30 AM

I guess its virtual for others I mean it will ba activated for me only is not??

Posted by: Noora | Jul 25, 2006 9:16:51 AM

So see this, http://007google.com

Posted by: Bond | May 16, 2006 12:08:58 AM

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