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March 29, 2006

Infinity Glass Bowl


This object looked far more compelling in the paper catalog than it does online (above): the photo stylist should've considered that transparent things generally require a colored background in order to put their best face forward.

No matter, let's not quibble about style points — cut to the website description:

    Transparent design.

    Handmade double glass walls without end leave everything and nothing [®] to the imagination.

    • Beautiful, continuous design creates double walls

    • Hand–made glass with cut and polished rim

    • Display fruit, float flowers, candles...

    • Clean with glass cleaner

    • 13.25" dia. x 3.25" high.


Wanna know what I think?

It's a rhetorical question, booboo: you know it's coming no matter....

I think that CB2, which features this bowl in its just–out catalog (received here yesterday) found that too many of them were breaking and decided to dump those on hand instanter.

Why else would the regular price of $19.95 — already a bargain — in the paper catalog be cut 25% to the current $14.95?

For those who find even $14.95 more than they care to pay for a tryst with the infinite, there's good news: for $4.78 at Amazon's used bookstore you can buy a reading copy of the late polymath George Gamow's wonderful book, "One, Two, Three... Infinity."


Published in 1947, it remains a superb, fascinating introduction to the universe from the point of view of one of the underappreciated great minds of the 20th century.

I read it as a boy and was thrilled.

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I love reading Geo! I collected all his books including "My World Line" - his autobiography. He is also featured prominently in James Watson's autobiographical "Genes, Girls, and Gamow: After the Double Helix." You can read more tidbits about him at http://johnkemeny.com/blog/?p=49 .

Posted by: john kemeny | Mar 30, 2006 4:58:22 PM

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