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March 29, 2006

John Deere Noise–Canceling Headphones


Designed to counter the specific frequencies generated by small engines found in chainsaws and other motorized yard equipment.

From the website:

    You Won't Believe Your Ears

    The John Deere Noise Canceling Headset provides 18 decibels of noise cancellation which is the highest of any active noise reduction (ANR) headset on the market.

    The only headset specially tuned to reduce the ambient repetitive noise produced by residential and commercial lawn tractors, agricultural equipment and hand–held products such as gas trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.

    At a fraction of the cost of other widely–advertised high–end audio headsets, the John Deere headset meets and exceeds the requirements of the most discerning audiophile.

    Compatible with MP3 and CD players, portable audio equipment, all NASCAR race scanners and most airline audio systems.

    The John Deere Noise Canceling headset is not designed for use in environments that generate reactive or impulse noises such as gun ranges.

    Caution should be exercised by limiting prolonged exposure to any noise even while using active noise cancellation systems.

    Full-size swivel earcups, angled headband, rugged protective carrying case, detachable audio cable, 1/4" and dual–pin audio adapters [fits most commercial airlines].


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Only $90, I think I have to buy them now. Thanks for the post.

Posted by: Active Noise Cancellation | Apr 24, 2009 12:51:19 PM

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