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March 16, 2006

NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) now up — 'An empire of free, full–text materials'


Here's one reason it's good to be a New Yorker.

Anyone with a valid New York state driver's license or ID card now has free, unlimited access to thousands of subscription–charging newpapers, magazines, extensive reference works and cutting–edge research — from the comfort of their very own home or laptop anywhere in the world.

That's huge.

NOVEL went live this week, though it's not yet been officially announced.

joeheads get an advance heads–up.

I mean, you certainly pay enough for this kind of information — don't you think?

NOVEL provides the full text of scholarly articles rather than the summaries or abstracts usually available online.

Also included are hundreds of children's magazines and thousands of business references.

If you aren't a New Yorker maybe you know someone who is who'll let you use their access ID and password.

Did I say that?

Here's a link to a story in yesterday's MIT Technology Review about this signature achievement of the New York State Library.

FunFact: the Empire State boasts the nation's largest state library system.

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Joe: another fascinating link you should explore "www.ipl.org" which is the Internet Public Library hosted by the University of Michigan. It has links to newspapers & magazines from all over the world as well as vast collections of literature & reference works in many categories and plenty of other special features that make it a remarkable place to visit.
Also, many public & school libraries, not just those in NYS, now permit free access to various databases, ebooks, etc.
FYI: Shawn- If you were to contact public or college libraries in smaller cities or towns in NYS or elsewhere, you might find that for smaller fee/donation (under $100) you can become a "friend of the library" & receive a library card for that area & then have some of the same on-line privileges.

Posted by: words to the wise | Mar 16, 2006 12:09:50 AM

For $100 non-residents can get an NYPL library card, which it seems is all that is needed to access NOVEL: http://www.nypl.org/books/cards.html

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Mar 15, 2006 11:15:31 PM

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