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March 31, 2006



No, not a magical command to make your genie appear — alas, not yet at least but trust me, I have over a hundred of my finest minds out back in the bookofjoe skunk works laboring feverishly 24/7, burning out their brain cells in an attempt to bring you just that — but, rather, an exotic wood from India which has suddenly surfaced in the latest Williams–Sonoma catalog in the form of cutting boards (above and below).

Perhaps I need to spend more time in Uttar Pradesh.

From the website:

    Shesham Cutting Board

    Prized for its intriguing juxtaposition of light and dark hues, shesham has long been used in India to create elegant furniture and objets d’art.

    Here, this densely–grained hardwood brings its distinctive coloration an exceptional durability to our reversible cutting boards.

    Handcrafted in India from locally harvested wood, the boards can double as presentation pieces.

    Natural variations in color and pattern make each one unique.

    Round Board: 10" diam., 1" high.

    Rectangular Board: 10" x 15" x 1" high.



The round one costs $25; you want corners, that'll run you $30, both here.

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