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March 25, 2006

Switch Lock


Very nicely done.

I can't speak for you — well, that's not really true, I could, but I really think we should discuss that another time, don't you? — but me, I've got several wall switches that I don't want to see used ever.

They turn off and on one of the two outlets in a couple of my wall plates, such that someone unwittingly flicking the switch turns off lamps, electric clocks which turn out to have dead back–up batteries and the like.

Most annoying, having to reset the clock and get everything else back up and running.

I've seen devices you screw on to the plate to completely cover the switch but they've never caught my fancy.

What I do instead is place a horizontal band of strapping tape across the switch (below, an actual unretouched photograph* taken by yours truly not five minutes before I typed these words)


which makes it almost impossible to move the switch from its fixed (by me) position.

That's all well and good but what if I want to for some reason turn that switch off and on?

Then I've got to take off the tape and then redo it from scratch when I'm done using the switch, because the stuff is kind of welded on after years of having not been touched.

I've not once fooled with one of my near–impregnable switches — but I'm not you, am I?

Maybe you have needs — needs I don't know about and can't even begin to imagine.

What about that?

That's precisely why the Switch Lock is so cool: there's a button on the side (top) to override the lock and let you operate the switch.

From the website:

    Switch Lock gives you peace-of-mind as it prevents vital appliances and devices from being accidentally switched off.

    Some switches like your furnace, basement freezer, answering machine and timer-connected devices should never be turned off.

    Switch Lock is the dependable alternative to peeling tape and faded warning notes to keep those switches on.

    Attach it to a standard wall plate and it locks the switch on.

    To turn it off, just push a button.

    • Versatile switch also locks a switch in the 'OFF' position — just mount it with the switch opening oriented at the bottom to keep a switch from accidentally being turned 'ON'.

    • No electrical or circuit adjustment needed — here's no need for any wiring or shutting off a circuit breaker. Just mount the lock with two screws.

    • Switch can be unlocked in an emergency — just push a button to override the lock and operate the switch.

    Hardware included.

    In Ivory or White.

    2½" w X 3¼" h.


A significant advance, in my humble opinion.


*From time to time I am asked if any of my photographs are for sale, with perhaps an autograph to authenticate them.

When joeTV goes live sometime this century, one of the channel's signature features will be a regularly–scheduled real–time auction of treasures such as genuine digital photos, pressed flowers and the like.

Stay tuned.

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I like this but find it is no longer available at Brookstone. Is there another source?

Posted by: Ed S | Jun 1, 2009 5:51:41 PM

I like this gadget, I do. I think I will get a couple.

Now what is this about an auction on joeTV? Pressed flowers and the like? I love pressed flowers and the like. Can't you hurry this thing up? Not to be pushy or anything, but life is short. Time is creeping in its petty but amazingly rapid pace and I sense the last syllable just around the corner, waiting there with the Grim Reaper and his pals, while I sit here pressed flowerless. Just saying. Just excited.

Posted by: Flutist | Mar 25, 2006 4:38:20 PM

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