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March 22, 2006

Tarp Grabber


I noticed this item a few months ago but I couldn't figure out why anyone would buy it.

I mean, it's supposed to help you tie down a tarpaulin — I see that.

But don't most tarpaulins already have reinforced holes at each corner for just that purpose?

Then, when I turned the catalog page this morning and saw these devices there again, I said to myself, wait a minute: there's got to be a reason it's in here and I'm just not twigging.

I stared at the picture for a long, long time — in fact, almost eighteen and a half minutes.

Now how many things can you think of that last that long?

And then the fen (below)



You put one of these Tarp Grabbers midway along each edge of the tarp so that you have eight instead of four holes to secure it with.

That's gotta be it.


From the website:

    Customize existing tarps for a better fit with the easy–to–install Tarp Grabber.

    Ideal for campers, boaters, RVers, etc.

    Works on canvas or poly.

$4.95 for a set of four.

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Hi, I surfed over from notmartha. I am thinking about how to put a tarp on the top of my storage unit. It's got sheetrock walls, but a cage ceiling. These would be perfect because I have to cut the tarp to a weird sized rectangle with a notch cut out of one corner where there are some pipes. This is extremely helpful.

Posted by: jennie | Mar 28, 2006 5:37:04 PM

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