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March 7, 2006

'TiVo Mobile... will allow Verizon Wireless customers... to schedule TV shows for recording when they're on the go'


The headline above is a direct quote from Nick Wingfield's story in today's Wall Street Journal about the latest TiVo venture.

I started laughing so hard, picturing myself trying to program my TiVo from my cellphone.

First came TiVoToGo, now this.

Wingfield noted that you first have to download "a small software program" to your cellphone so it can communicate with your TiVo home digital–video recorder.

I can, with an enormous amount of effort and fierce concentration, once in a while successfully send an email from my cellphone.

However — it takes me about 15 minutes if everything goes well so it's not something I do unless I'm feeling particularly masochistic.

Why, why would I want to program my TiVo — if I had one, which I don't? — from my cellphone?

TiVo is also working on software that will let you transfer programs you've recorded on your DVR onto your iPod.

Now that's something that might pique my interest enough to consider getting a TiVo.

But then I'd have to get an iPod....

I think I'll just sit here in the bleachers a while longer, maybe have another brewski, what?

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Tivos are great...if you have cable.

I had one for all of 3 weeks before I realized that cable was WAY too expensive and I shut down all but local service (what they refer to as 'sub-basic') and took the Tivo back to BestBuy.

Beyond the price of cable and the added cost of the Tivo's monthly service, its a great device and helps manage your life -- instead of having to be home at a certain time to make sure that you see something, or alternatively having to plan your mornings around making sure the recorder is ready so that you can go out at night, it just knows. I love the fact that it would watch your live viewing preferences and throw that sort of stuff into the "you might like this and I wasn't recording anything important anyways" cue...find out ya stay up at night once watching some program you love but never find on and you will find it in your bin the next time -- in which you can give more feedback to if you like it or not. Its like a benevolant big brother.

Even a technodolt could figure it out.

As for email from phones -- if you don't have one of them newfangled fancy ones, you are just going to bang your head trying to do this. I've used a few where its simpler than on my computer. I've also tried to use mine to do the same thing and thrown the damn phone in disgust. On the right phone, I could see the Tivo via Phone thing working pretty simply -- I know the webfeature worked well enough that I could log in and tell it to override settings (i.e., the ONLY time I used it was to make certain a specific Seconds From Disaster episode had priority over another show I normally watched at the same time, but was going to be a rerun -- which apparently, if you already recorded and watched something, it knows to ignore the rerun -- but I didn't have the machine long enough to find this out til later).

BTW -- thought you had an iPod...actually a few of them.

Posted by: clifyt | Mar 8, 2006 8:48:56 AM

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